Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How To Get Accurate Search Volume Data On Google Keyword Planner

After the last update from Google, The keyword planner was almost rendered useless with the very vague search ranges. And lately, I have seen a lot of threads popping up about this.

If you were to head over to GKP right now you and search for a keyword like “fashion” you would get something like this –

There were posts about solutions to this here and there but no threads with a concise solution. So, I am going to break down the two ways you can get your old data back. And no you don't have to go pay for some overpriced tool to see search volumes.

Solution 1

Once you enter your seed keywords, you will get your ranged searches. There are a few things you need to check, adjust, or click in order to get the results you need on this page. First, click on the ‘Keyword’ tab. Then click on ‘Match types’ > ‘All’ > ‘Exact match. Double check that the date range is set to display forecasts by month (this is very important). Enter a bid of $99, as entering a maximum bid will ensure you’re only seeing impressions based on first page results. Finally, when you’re ready to go, click on the ‘Get detailed forecasts’ button. And the impressions the monthly searches it gets. Now, this doesn't give you exact data as before but it's good enough.

Solution 2

Now this solution brings back your data back to the way it was before but at a cost and when I say cost I mean literally. You probably heard this a few times that all you have to do is have an active Adwords account. But a lot of you probably haven't done it because you probably think you need to spend a lot to have an 'active' account. The thing is you don't. Follow these steps and you will get your data back in the most cost effective way possible.

First head over to and log in with your credentials.

Click on “create your first campaign” and you will be redirected to Campaign settings page where you will need to choose the basic settings. For the ad type, keep it as it is which is Search Network and Display select. Then for networks keep all the options selected. Then in countries, you can choose any country you like and in language choose English. Then in the Bid strategy change to Manual CPC and put $0.50 as your default bid and also $0.50 budget per day. Don’t select any ad extensions and click on Save and Continue.
Next, you will be sent to the ad group settings and the first they will ask you for is a landing page. You can put up an actual landing page or just select your Facebook fan page and then in keywords put a bunch of related keywords for your niche. If I were to create an ad for the IM fan page I would put blogging, niche research, making money and similar keywords in there and you should automatically see some suggestions on the right and just select a bunch of them and click on continue to ads.
Then you will be redirected to the ad creation page and the first thing you will need to put is the final URL which will be your Facebook fan page. After that put in a headline and description, you will see examples of these on the page so just switch them up according to your niche. Then click on create your ad and review the information and publish your ad.

Run this ad for one week and then kill the ad. Wait 2-3 days and you should get your data back to the way it was before.

There you have it, two solutions to get your GKP working again.